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Without any proof, you will not be able to claim that a laptop/computer is yours. Therefore, even when your laptop is stolen and then found in the future, you will not be able to claim it due to not having a proof of ownership. However, by registering your laptop with AsseTrax, now you will not have to face with the problem of not having proof of ownership.

How it works

In order for AsseTrax to work, you will need to signup for an AsseTrax account and install AsseTrax inside your laptop or computer. Currently, AsseTrax only supports Windows-based OS. To confirm that your installation is correct, you will be able to see the data of your computer when you log into your AsseTrax online account. AsseTrax doesn't only automate the process of getting unique identification numbers from your system but also allow you to add and upload additional proof materials such as receipts, date of purchase, color, picture of the laptop and more. Even if you decide to sell off your computer one day, you can do so by transferring laptop ownership through AsseTrax. Isn't that cool?

  • Register your ownership of the laptop/computer
  • Ability to view hardware information
  • Ability to add customized information and attachments
  • Ability to track multiple computers inside 1 account
  • Tracking location log
  • Weekly tracking report sent via email
  • Report stolen computer online, anywhere you are
  • Monitor computer status anytime, anywhere
Registering your laptop/computer with AsseTrax is totally FREE for lifetime! So, don't wait, sign up today.

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