AsseTrax - Track Your Laptop Anytime, Anywhere

AsseTrax works for individuals and also companies. If you own a company that needs multiple laptops tracking, feel free to fill the form by clicking here and we will set up an account for you within 72 hours.

With AsseTrax for corporate, you will be able to track multiple laptops/computers and also assign the laptop usage to specific employee or specific customer. When signing up for the corporate account, you will receive a "Super User" account which you can use to create normal users account to be assigned to the available laptops/computers. This will make tracking and management easier since not only you have access to AsseTrax benefits but also your employees/customers at no extra charge!

When you install AsseTrax, it comes along with computer ownership registration, so you do not have to do the work twice! However, you can still choose to only register ownership without tracking. It is all up to you!

Sign up and protect your laptop today.